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• Activated carbon filter can effectively filter peculiar smell, formaldehyde, PM2.5, etc. •High efficiency 3 layers filter: Primary filter net, EPA filter net, high quality activated carbon filter • The filter can remove 99.99 percent of PM2.5 particles, bacteria, heavy metal, organic matter, etc. • Recommend replacing cycle: 3 - 6 months • Easy and fast to install • Provides comfortable living / learning / office environment for you and your family •Suitable for Original Xiaomi OLED Display Smart Air Purifier 2S / Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier / Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 / Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro
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● Housing material: tempered glass ● Working temperature: 0 - 40 Deg.C ● Device requirements: Android 4.4 / iOS 9.0 and above ● Weighing range: 100g - 150kg ● Wireless connection: Bluetooth 5.0 ● The high-precision sensor accurately senses physical changes every day ● The intelligent analysis automatically identifies every family member ● Can automatically identify family members based on body data, and can support up to 16 members to share, so that the whole family can share ● It is also possible to set the guest mode so that other people can measure the data without leaving any traces ● Hidden LED screen, the display is clear and brings an integrated look and feel ● Rounded corners, CNC precision processing, smooth and delicate, reducing bump damage ● Uses low-power Bluetooth 5.0, the weight data transmission speed is faster and more stable
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  • 1 Year Warranty
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  • 2 in 1 Cleaning and Mopping With the water-resistant roller brush and the magnetic mopping component which can store 180ml water, let you cleaning the floor effectively. Sweeping first and then mopping.
  • Air-X Dust Separation Technology With Air-X dust separation technology, it produces a direct suction of multiple cyclones to avoid blocking and keep stronger suction for longer.
  • 60 Minutes Running Time With 2500mAh*8 LG/Samsung Lithium Battery and BMS-X Battery Management System, it can clean 380 square meters once.
  • Six-stage Filtration The Roidmi NEX Animal vacuum captures allergens and expels cleaner air than the air you breathe.
  • LED Light The brush is equipped with LED lights and a light sensor. The lamp can automatically illuminate when under the sofa, bed and other dark corners.
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  • Imported S2 steel material bits, hardness up to 60HRC for long time use
  • Anti-rust aluminum alloy screwdriver handle and storage box
  • Bits: Phillips ( PH000 / PH00 / PH0 / PH1 / PH2 ), Hex ( H1.5 / H2.0 ), Torx ( T2 / T3 / T4 / TR5 / TR6 / TR8 / TR10 / TR15 ), Slotted ( 1.5 / 2.0 / 3.0 / 4.0 ), Spanner U2.6, Tri-wing 3, Pozi ( P2 / P5 ), Triangle 2.3
  • Comes with an aluminum storage box for easy carry and store
  • Suitable for quartz watch, regular household appliances such as cameras, radios, computers, mobile phones, drones, etc., meeting the most daily repair needs
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  • 1 Year Warranty
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  • Lowest Price Guaranteed*
  • Authorized Roidmi Distributor
  • APP smart connection, to check the host's power, cleaning time, dusty reminder and filter replacement,.
  •  270-degree comfortable large handle design.
  • Come with multiple brushes, anti-mite brush, carbon fiber brush, soft velvet roller brush, multifunction brush.
  • Built-in LED sensor light automatically illuminates the dark corners, cleaner and no residue.
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