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What is the True Cost of Hiring a Domestic Maid in Malaysia?

February 26, 2019

There are currently 2 methods to hire a foreign maid ("domestic helper") currently in Malaysia

  1. Hiring through a maid agency
  2. Hiring through Maid Online Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia

Today I will be talking mainly about Method #1 as it is the most common and easiest approach to hiring a maid.

I will link to Method #2 on another blog post.

Okay, let's get down to crunching numbers.

Maid agency typically charges around RM15000-RM18000 as agent fees. The official fees fixed by the Malaysian and Indonesian goverment is RM8000 only. The agency fee makes the bulk of the cost, as these agencies supposedly take away the stress of hiring a domestic helper by recruiting, obtaining work visas and training the maids.

Let's look at the monthly unavoidable expense that you will incur.

ExpensesIndonesian (MYR)Philippines (MYR)
Monthly Salary1,2001,800
Food (RM10/day)300300
Total Cost1,7002,300

This is the first year upfront cost you have to pay in order to hire ONE (1) maid.

ExpensesIndonesian (MYR)Philippines (MYR)
Agency Fee18,00016,000

Wait! It's not over yet!

After the first year is over, for the second year, you have to send the maid for FOMEMA checkup and also renew his/her work permit.

This is the expenses incur for the second year.

ExpensesIndonesian (MYR)Philippines (MYR)
Levy Fee900900
Total Cost1,0951,095

So the total expenses incur for having a maid over a period of 2 Years is as below:

ExpenseIndonesian (MYR)Philippines (MYR)
First Year Salary20,40027,600
First Year Expense18,00016,000
Second Year Salary20,40027,600
Second Year Expense1,0951,095
Total Cost59,89572,295

So what is the monthly cost you are actually spending on having a maid?

ExpenseIndonesian (MYR)Philippines (MYR)
Total Cost/24 months59895/2472295/24
Monthly Expense24963013

Yes, it seems that having a maid seems pretty affordable at the beginning. You are paying like RM1200-ish every month. But you also have to factor in the other cost that you have to pay upfront recruiting the maid.

Many people overlook the cost of the agency fees which is a big chunk of where the cost is allocated.

Although on the surface, it actually seems that hiring a maid is pretty affordable, ranging from RM1200-ish every month. But you have to factor in other cost that you have pay upfront.

Also another important thing to take note:

Most maid employment contract is about 2 Years. After the 2 years is due, usually (MOST OF THE TIME) you have to pay the maid agency again for a new employment.

There are many reasons why this happen.

  • Maid plans to return back to her country
  • You are not satisfied with the maid
  • Agency doesn't want to renew the contract
  • and MORE...

This vicious cycle never ends. So you can expect that the average monthly cost is what you have to pay every month if you ever decide is hire a maid.

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